JKF Terminated by the BoT!

October 29, 2006

TO: Campus Community
FROM: Board of Trustees
DATE: October 29, 2006

RE: Board of Trustees Meeting

Today, we announce with much regret and pain that after serious deliberation in a special, all-day Executive Session of the Board of Trustees, we have voted to terminate Dr. Fernandes’ appointment as President-Designate (currently effective) and President (effective beginning January 1, 2007) at Gallaudet University.

We understand the impact of this decision and the important issues that inherently arise when a Board re-examines decisions in the face of an on-going protest. The Board believes that it is in the best interests of the University to terminate Dr. Fernandes from the incoming President’s position. Although undoubtedly there will be some members of the community who have differing views on the meaning of this decision, we believe that it is a necessity at this point. The Board is continuing to meet to discuss transitional issues.

It has certainly been a difficult and trying time for our Gallaudet community. Now is the time for healing. The hope of the Board of Trustees is for our beloved community to come together to work for a stronger and better Gallaudet.


Dr. Robert Johnson’s 17-Page Letter

October 29, 2006

Read Gallaudet University linguistics professor Dr. Robert Johnson’s 17-Page Letter on the current crisis at Kendall Green. It is a must-read letter to help readers understand the events and issues that led Gallaudet into this unfortunate situation. The ASL translation of the letter is also available. It is translated by Edna Johnston who used to teach at Columbia College’s ASL-English Interpretation Program.

Debbie Potts on Hunger Strike!

October 27, 2006

Please give support to Gallaudet hearing graduate student, Debbie Potts, who has been on hunger strike since October 15th at 5 PM!  She is from Chicago and has taken ITP classes at Harper College.

The word is that if BoT does not comply with FSSA’s demands, the hunger strikers will stop taking in fluids starting on Monday. Some have expresed willingness to die if demands are not met!

I. King Jordan Featured Guest at Chicago Hearing Society’s 90th Anniversary Celebration

October 26, 2006

I wonder if I. King Jordan will take a break from his mess at Gallaudet to attend the dinner and cocktail reception. If he does decide to live up to his hypocrisy, Chicagoans, let’s make sure he gets the message loud and clear that he is unwelcome. The event will take place at Maggiano’s at 111 West Grand in Chicago on November 9th. The reception is at 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM (sold out) and dinner is served at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. Bad news… It is nothing compared to IKJ’s Retirement Gala which cost about $250 a plate and comes with imported gold trimmed chairs. But for $50, you get to enjoy delicious Italian food at Maggaino’s with standard restaurant chairs. Space is limited to 300 though so better hurry up and make your reservations.
For more information about the event, go to www.chicagohearingsociety.org/90.

Metro Chicago Tent City

October 19, 2006

We want to thank Mayor Brent Shiver for hosting Chicago Tent City at the Wrigley Field on a chilly, windy night on Friday, October 13th (now AKA Black Friday). A number of us could not be there so we decided to coordinate our own Metro Chicago Tent on my front yard to express our strong support for protestors. Donations collected from both events yielded $155 and were sent to FSSA. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and resolved with your cause and we are with you all the way in spirit! Unity for Gallaudet!!

Marlene Chidichimo-Brady

The video documenting Metro Tent City was produced by Sparks-Chellee Phillips. It is about 15 minutes long.

Also check out the pictures!

Chicago Tent City at Wrigley Field

October 19, 2006

The video was filmed using a digital camera so please bear with not-so-great quality.